What is Earth School?

Through direct and indirect teachings,

Earth School facilitates

a remembrance of, and a connection to,

our original relationship and

wisdom of the Earth.


Earth School is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to nurturing and facilitating a child's connection to their inner wisdom and spiritual life, through a living relationship with the Natural World. Earth School is a conduit to the higher teachings of the Earth.


Through a mindful approach and a sense of self-discovery, Art of Spirit’s Earth School exists in a beautifully balanced space between ‘doing’ and ‘being’, which not only speaks to a child's mind, but  their heart and soul as well.

Our programs are a blend of the physical and metaphysical aspects of the Natural World and thus, include spiritual teachings (not religion) Earth studies, art, and energy work. We work with singing bowls, meditation, tadpoles, forests, streams, silence, and so much more.

Earth School inspires a living relationships with Nature, each other, and most importantly, with

one’s self.




Children learn about the elemental and animal teachings by participating in specifically themed activities and explorations. Earth School offers children a pathway to their inner wisdom through the beauty, joy,

and wisdom  of the Earth. We currently serve children 7-12 yrs. old, but are always open to creating custom workshops for you and your community.  The bottom line is, we are here for the children. Our intention is for children to feel connected to the world around them, to each other, and most importantly, to themselves. gifts...trust their intuition.

What others are saying...

        "This camp strengthens a deep connection to nature. 

It's a very grounding, peaceful, experience."

                                                               Beth Beyers


"His heart opened even wider during your camp.

Thank you for seeing my son so clearly."

                                                                  LeeAnn Englert

                                                                                                        "This camp is nourishment for kid's souls."

                                                                 Christine Depilla

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