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Sold Out!

 This is our favorite workshop at Earth School!

Val and Ian have been with us since the beginning, generously sharing there abundant wisdom and knowlege of the Crystal/Mineral Kingdom.


This class is part of the Earth School for Kids Camp, but can be taken as a stand-alone class!

In this 1-hour playclass Val and Ian will:
~ Review crystal basics, such as choosing, cleansing, and charging
~ Provide interactive and experiences with many types of crystals, stones, and meteorites
~Teach children how to identify crystals
~ Lead the children in fun activities and experiments with crystals


Children will walk away inspired, excited and open to new experiences with the mineral kingdom!

Facilitated by Valarie & Ian Haag
Open to all children
$15 per child or 2 kids or $25- includes a crystal!

Register for this event online  HERE

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