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Something New!

Earth School for Women!

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You asked because you already know.

You hear the call of the Mother!

Womens' energies are anchored in, and responsive to the Feminine energies
of Mother Earth and her celestial companion,  Moon.
Women are an extension of the Earth's energies.
As such, women 
balanced in their awareness, personal power,
and creative gifts,
bring healing and balance
to a changing world. 

You are the Feminine energies rising!

Spending intentional time with 'The Mother'.
is more than grounding, is transformative!
Sharing her energies of renewal and recreation,
the Earth is the best medicine!

Join us on the Earth during this season of rebirth!

Earth School for Women

Earth School for Women

When -Sunday, May 19 12-4pm
Where -Ralph Stover State Park, 
                       6011 State Park Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947
Cost -$55 /ea or $100/2   (cash or check)
            $58/ea or $105/2 (online)


Pre-registration required 

(by May 17, 2024)


Pay by check - payable to Earth School

 PO Box 31,

                             Point Pleasant, PA 18950

Click here to register

(online registration requires an

additional 3% merchant fee)

Click here to download registration form (required by all)

Registrants will be emailed a 'what-to-bring' list.

Professional Development for Educators

Future workshops to be announced

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