Earth School Teacher Workshop


Professional Development
for Educators

Educators , are on the front lines, bearing witness, to the rise in anxiety, fear, and attention issues among the young, compounded by the social interference of technology. These are symptoms of disconnection from the Earth and from each other. The young are struggling to navigate through a rapidly changing world. And of course, with the pandemic, even more so.

As experienced, professional educators, we recognize the challenges educators face in reaching each child. Earth School is the next wave of education, as the Earth School experience  encourages, and hones the sixth sense of perception and intuition, while, instilling an awareness of our collective, interdependence. We continually witness the astounding healing and re-balancing outcomes of Earth School’s unique methodologies.


















  • Specific mindful practices, activities, and integrative art projects 

  • Relevant activities for both rural and urban settings, with discussion of specific modifications. 

  • Expanded vision of your own teaching as you affect change 

  • Dedicated networking time to share experiences and insights with other participating educators  


Earth School's Professional Development for Educators, offers a unique synthesis of activities and practices 

providing educators with new pathways and modalities for teaching the whole child.  

This past year has revealed the critical importance of reaching beyond the intellectual,

into the emotional and spiritual intelligence of children , in educating the whole child.

This is the future of education, and Earth School is poised and ready to transform the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow!

Workshop will be offered in Aug. 2022 . (Specific date to be determined.)

As our world rapidly evolves, we believe so too, must our systems of education. Nurturing and cultivating the emotional and spritual intelligence of young people, serves the highest and best interest of all. It is our belief that the gift and hope of our collective future, and the restoration of balance on planet Earth, lies in the grounded awareness and inner wisdom of our young.



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