Patricia Walsh-Collins


My name is Patricia Walsh-Collins. I am the founder and Director of Earth School. As a certified professional educator, my career spans over twenty seven years. Many of those years were spent teaching Visual Arts and World Religions at Buckingham Friends School in Lahaska, PA.


Cross curricular integration is one of my specialties. I love this work because it brings deeper meaning and connection to each subject. I have presented many of my unique curriculums, at state, national, and international education conferences, and continue to do so.

I have also developed numerous camps locally, such as the Michener Art Museum, Montessori Development Center, Bucks County Community College, and Children’s Art Studio. 

Compelled to deepen my work with children, I took a leap of faith leaving the 'system' of education. As the inspiration for Earth School, and mindfulness training found me, I became an ‘educational entrepreneur’.

In 2014, Earth School emerged as a beautiful synthesis of the many teachings shared with me through travel, Native cultures, and personal development . As such, Earth School exists as a multi-layered, hands-on experience where children intuitively form a kinship with the Natural World, and recognize their own inner wisdom. 

In my precious down moments, I embrace any opportunity to spend time with my two grown children. They are the best! Living a creative life is a huge part of who I am, as well as spending personal time among the trees, waters, and birds, either at home or somewhere out in the world!

Spending my days with children, as they explore their outer and inner landscapes, is precious to me. I see our joyous, collective future held within their beautifully muddy hands!

Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson is Earth School’s co-facilitator. He has a long and influential career in education. After years as a classroom teacher, and Summer Arts Camp creator, Peter became the Head of School at Buckingham Friends School.  He is one of my greatest mentors, and my former boss.  Following an administrative position at Solebury School, in New Hope, Peter served as Head of School at Westfield Friends School in Cinnaminson, NJ.

Peter is an artist as well. For the past forty years, he has created beautiful work in stained glass. He also loves to  hike, camp, and work with wood.  He is a much valued member of our Earth School family and every community he has ever been a part of.




Our Earth School workshop facilitators are experienced, dedicated educators,

and experts in their fields.

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