Do seek ‘grounding’ for yourself and your children?

Do you wish for a deeper understanding, connection, and relationship to self, and the world around you?

Would you like  to know and trust your own inner wisdom on a deeper level?

Art of Spirit’s Earth School is a mindful, integrative, self discovery of the natural world, serving as a response to Nature Deficit Disorder and presenting children and adults with the opportunity to discover  and embrace their own inner nature.  Give your child or yourself, the gift of connection to self through nature.


Earth School Programs

Through a mindful approach and a sense of self-discovery, Art of Spirit’s Earth School serves as a response to Nature Deficit Disorder and aligns children and adults with the rhythms of nature, thus forming a deep knowledge of, and a personal relationship with the natural world.

This deep, integrative experience allows us to tune in, recognize, and embrace, our own inner nature. Given the gift of ‘time’, we  invite and promote a deep,  ‘wonder- filled’ exploration and a personal comfort in the natural world, which we call home.

Our programs are a blend of the physical and metaphysical aspects of the natural world and thus include spiritual teachings (not religion) earth studies, art, and energy work. Observations and experiences are expressed creatively  through art and hands on  experiences.

Earth School began and continues as a nature-based summer camp. We are now expanding to offer children’s home school and weekend  programs, and adult programs. We are also expanding our accessibility by offering programs  at two different locations, Bucks County Audubon and Nockamixon State Park.

Programs are  facilitated by Earth School founder and Director, Patricia Walsh-Collins and assisted by other experienced and dedicated educators.


New Fall programs at Bucks County Audubon!

Pre-registration through is required. Please specify which program

Home School Program – (Discounted 4-Monday session or single day)

Oct. 16.23, 30, Nov. 6 (we will continue on Mondays throughout the year)

9am -3pm

Location -Bucks County Audubon, Creamery Rd., Solebury, PA

Children 8-12

Cost $199 for the 4 week session  or $55 individual days.

pre-registration required.

Sessions are thematically designed to allow children to not only explore and discover, but to embrace the natural world and themselves with love. Earth School exists in a beautifully balanced space between ‘doing’ and ‘being’, which not only speaks to a child’s mind, but  to their heart and soul as well. Children will learn about the Earth’s elements by participating in specifically themed activities and explorations. Experiences will be processed through creative, integrated art projects.

What to bring – water shoes or boots,  raincoat, change of clothes, hat, water bottle, lunch and snack, sunscreen, backpack

What not to bring – hand sanitizer (chemicals are bad for plant life, we’ll use soap)

Cell phones/technology (cell phones will stay at education center. Fascilitators will carry cell phones at all times)

Please call Patricia -267-454-4491
online at

( just fill in which program and the amount)


Art of Spirit's-2 Earth School for Adults! (4 Sundays)

Oct. 8, 15,22, & 29

1pm -4pm

Location – Bucks County Audubon, Creamery Rd. Solebury, PA

Adults – 18yrs. and older

Cost – $145 for 4 week session or $ 45 for individual days

pre-registration required

So many adults have commented on how they would love the time and opportunity to return to the natural world,  to rekindle a freedom and relationship that was once known as a child. We encourage you to makes space for morning meditation with singing bowls, creating Earth Art, and exploring Animal Totems.  As all else falls away in our ever-changing world, it is becoming very clear that our stability lies in our relationship to self, others, and nature. Our best medicine is all around us, and will steady our feet on the ground and keep our hearts open.  Come join us on the Earth!

(includes hiking and outdoor sitting)

What to bring – water shoes or boots,  raincoat, change of clothes, hat, water bottle, lunch and snack, sunscreen, backpack

What not to bring – hand sanitizer (chemicals are bad for plant life, we’ll use soap)

Cell phones/technology (cell phones will stay at education center. Fascilitators will carry cell phones at all times)

Please call Patricia -267-454-4491
online at

( just fill in which program and the amount)



New fall programs at Nockamixon State Park!

Pre-registration through is required. Please specify which program

Adult Water Series copy

Adult Water Series – ( 2 Tues.)

Oct.10 & 17,  12pm -3pm

Location – Nockamixon State Park, 1542 Mountain View Drive
Quakertown, PA

Adults, 18 yrs. and older

                                                        Cost -$55

This workshop is designed to deepen our understanding and appreciation of water. This experience includes Singing Bowls, meditation, Water Mandalas, and time on the water in Kayaks! (No previous kayak experience necessary. We will have skilled instruction for those who would like it….no worries!) Come join us on the water! Water is Life!

What to bring – water bottle, water shoes, hat, sunscreen, walking shoes

Please call Patricia -267-454-4491
online at

( just fill in which program and the amount)

               Give your child and yourself the gift of Earth School.



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Earth School began as  summer camp for children. Over the past three years, we have found that Earth School not only appeals to kids but to adults as well, therefore we have broadened our offerings to include adults programs. Please check them out under the ‘What’ section.

Who are we?  Earth School Founder and Director, Patricia Walsh-Collins is a certified professional educator with more than a 23 year professional career.  Seventeen of those years were spent at Buckingham Friends School in Lahaska, Pa., where she taught both Art and World Religion. She has developed numerous curriculums and presented them at state, national and international education conferences.

She has created and taught numerous camps, including the Michener Art Museum, Montessori Development Center, Bucks County Community College, and Children’s Art Studio. Patricia has also been trained in Mindfulness by Mindful Schools of Emeryville Ca.

As an ‘educational entrepreneur’, Patricia took  a leap of faith,  by leaving her full time teaching position in order to teach in a more expanded way. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit Inc., which serves as an ‘umbrella’ organization for education.  Through Art of Spirit, Patricia shares and educates through trade of traditional arts from native cultures, Earth School, and public speaking and  writing.

Patricia has travelled extensively, both alone and with students on international trips. Having been blessed with many teachings through travel, relationships, and personal development, Patricia is compelled to share them with others through Earth School and her monthly spirituality column called, ‘Shared Teachings’ in the Bucks County Herald newspaper.

Assistant Earth School instructors are experienced, dedicated educators and experts in their fields.



Earth School summer camp and year-round programming is held at Bucks County Audubon,
2877 Creamery Road, Solebury, PA.

And our new second location……..

Nockamixon State Park, 1542 Mountain View Drive
Quakertown, PA



Earth School Summer Camp 2018 -We offer one-week sessions .

Dates and locations to be announced

Other fall and winter programming can be found on the ‘What’ page.

How Much?

How Much

Summer camp costs for 2018 will  be updated in the future.

  • You may choose as many sessions as you wish, enrolling in consecutive or non-consecutive weeks
  • 50% of total registration amt. is due at time of registration (non-refundable).
  • Full payment is due (TBA)
  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.( we intentionally keep our group sizes small…around 10)
  • For your convenience, online payment is available.


Other Fall and Winter programs are payable  IN FULL in advance. You may pay online ( Write specifics under ‘SPECIAL NOTES’ section.)


you may send a check to:

Art of Spirit

PO Box 31, 

Point Pleasant, PA 18950

Please feel free to contact Patricia with any questions ..

267-454-4491, email



What is needed to bring? (specific to summer camp and home school programs)
•    Mud boots
•    Shoes ( not sandals)
•    Raincoat
•    Hat
•    One change of clothes (depending on program)
•    Lunch and snack
•    Water Bottle
•    Back pack ( small day pack)
•    Sunscreen

What is not needed
•    Hand sanitizer – these chemicals are deadly to many plants and animals (we will wash hands as needed with soap and water)
•    Technology (Cell phones will stay at the visitors center when we are out on the land. Camp facilitators will carry cell phones with them.)

Drop off and pick up need to be prompt for the good of the group.
If your child is going to be late or absent, please call (267-454-4491) after 7:30 a.m.


Extended Care for summer camp is available daily from 3pm – 4pm for $15

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To register your child(ren) for Earth School, please download the Registration Form (PDF), complete it and mail it to the address provided on the form.  For your convenience, you may either enclose a check with the form or pay online.

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